Belize Real Estate Properties Attracting Retirees

Retiring nowadays has been considered quite a luxury since not all of us can afford it anymore. The economic crisis affecting the whole world, especially the US, has forced people to work longer rather than retiring at an earlier age. Retiring in a beautiful paradise now seems like a distant dream to some, but this is something you shouldn’t fret about.Retiring nowadays has been considered quite a luxury since not all of us can afford it anymore.

If you want to retire in a beautiful place that won’t compel you to go bankrupt then the only way you can do this is by acquiring property through the Belize Real Estate market. That’s right. If you haven’t heard of Belize, this is a small country located in Central America where it is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala in the southeast. It was part of the British colony until some decades ago where they were given independence which is why the name British Honduras was changed to Belize. Since it was under British rule for some time, the country has English as their official language and Spanish for its second language, making it a very easy place to get around in, which eliminates the need to learn another language when simply visiting.

Retirees are, let’s face it, old dogs that have a hard time learning new tricks. Therefore, a very convenient place to live in would be Belize. All they have to do is get a home and move right in. The process of purchasing a home in Belize is very easy and convenient since the country’s government has adapted to the English way of processing property titles.

Retirees also have all the benefits they can get when they apply for the Qualified Retired Person program. The program encourages retirees to take that leap of retiring in this country by giving benefits such as tax exemptions, fast processing of citizenship and even the inclusion of their spouse and dependents.

They can have their income coming from outside the country tax free and also import vehicles tax free which are just a few of the benefits expats can enjoy. These benefits still have some certain conditions, but are very helpful indeed. Who wouldn’t want to retire in this place right? The QRP program requirements are very minimal and easy to accomplish. You just have to be 45 years old to qualify in this excellent program.

Belize is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth surrounded by breathtaking sceneries everywhere with beautiful white sand beaches, crystal blue waters summed up with friendly locals who love to celebrate and dance to festive upbeat music.

Living in Belize would be nothing but days filled with glorious surprises. With so many things to do here, there will never be a dull moment in your retirement life.

The Belize Real Estate market offers the best and most reasonably priced homes that can be found in SanctuaryBelize. It is a community nestled in the heart of paradise with homes built intricately and conveniently for people who want to live a life of comfort and beauty.